dotPH Registry Lock Service

Registry Lock is a premium service that provides domains stronger protection against hijacking and other attacks by limiting access to only the authorized persons. Security measures will also be added to validate the authorized representative’s identity for whenever they want to make changes to the domain.

With a domain under Registry Lock, no changes or updates can be made unless the registry is contacted by an authorized representative from the registrar for verification.

Registry Lock is essential for almost any business or establishment with an online presence, specifically those that handle customer transactions and hold sensitive information.

Applying for Registry Lock *(9am-4pm PHT weekdays)

All Registry Lock requests must be submitted by an authorized representative from the registrar. To enroll an authorized representative, registrars must first submit an application form on behalf of their representative to be approved by dotPH. Approved authorized representatives will no longer need to re-enroll in subsequent registry lock requests. Registrars must have at least one authorized representative to request Registry Lock on their domains.

  1. Registrar can either send an email to, directly call dotPH, or click the “Request Lock” button on Partner Console requesting to apply for Registry Lock.

  2. Within 4 business hours of receiving the email or phone call, dotPH will send the Registrar an email with the dotPH Registry Lock Application form attached to be filled up and submitted. Please ensure the listed WHOIS information for the domains is updated as this will be used to verify the domain’s registrant.

    *The registrar will be given two attempts to submit their application form with the correct information. All subsequent attempts will cost a fine of $50 each.

  3. Once the form has been submitted, within 24 business hours dotPH will then:
    1. Contact the registrar to confirm and verify the authorized representative/s listed in the application form, the domains to be put under Registry Lock, the WHOIS info in the domains, and the passphrase.

    2. Contact the registrant to confirm and verify the application for their domain/s and the WHOIS information.

    *If the registrant denies or is uninformed of the Registry Lock application, the registrar will be fined $50.

  4. After verification dotPH will process the application for at least 24 business hours, depending on the number of domains. Please refer to the table below.

    Number of Domains Processing Hours
    1 - 5 24
    6 - 50 48
    51 - 100 120
  5. Enabling the registry lock feature will take 8 hours. After this dotPH will send both the registrant and registrar a notice of completion via email.

Modifying Domains under Registry Lock

  1. To modify a domain under registry lock, a registrar authorized representative must first request to unlock the domain via Partner Console

  2. Within 24 business hours, the registrar’s authorized representative will be contacted for verification via phone call.

  3. Once the domains have been verified, the registrar and registrant will be sent an email confirming that their domain has been unlocked.

  4. The domain will remain unlocked for 24 hours after the email notice. The registrar and the registrant can modify their domain at this time.

  5. *Each annual subscription includes 5 registry unlocks per domain. Succeeding unlocks will cost $50 for every 5 unlocks.

Cancelling Registry Lock Subscription

  1. An authorized representative of the registrar will request to cancel subscription on Partner Console with domains indicated.

  2. Within 24 business hours, the registrar’s authorized representative will be contacted for verification via phone call.

  3. The registrar and registrant will immediately be sent an email confirming the cancellation of their Registry Lock subscription.

  4. *If the registrar/registrant plans to cancel their Registry Lock subscription, they must do so 30 days before the subscription’s expiration date.

Registry Lock T&C’s

  1. When applying for Registry Lock, please ensure the domain’s registrant information listed on WHOIS is correct, accurate and not using a proxy service.

  2. Registry Lock is not applicable for domains that will expire in less than 3 months.

  3. Processing of registration, modifications, or cancellation of Registry Lock will only occur during the indicated business hours.

  4. Initial applications for authorized representatives will only be approved once the registrar has requested to lock a domain.

  5. If a registrant/registrar does not respond immediately to dotPH in the process of a request, dotPH will follow up via email. Requests will be rescinded when the registrar/registrant does not respond within 5 days after sending the follow up email.

  6. When a Registry Lock request has been approved, its expiration date will be made the same as the domain’s expiration date. Billing will be based on the number of months from the date of approval to the date of expiration.

  7. A domain under the 24-hour unlock period cannot be swiped or renewed.

  8. Notice for renewal via email will be sent 45 days before the domain and Registry Lock expiry date.

  9. Domains and their respective Registry Lock subscription will both be auto-renewed

  10. Registry Lock’s service subscription fee is non-refundable.

  11. If the registrar wants to update their representative’s information, they must inform dotPH via email.


$ 10.00 / domain / month

Currently, Registry Lock is available for the following ccTLDs:

  • .PH
  • .COM.PH
  • .NET.PH
  • .ORG.PH